Telemann Fantasias

For Solo Flute

price: £12


Fantasia no. 1 in A major

Fantasia no. 2 in A minor

Fantasia no. 3 in B minor

Fantasia no. 4 in Bb major

Fantasia no. 5 in C major

Fantasia no. 6 in D minor

Fantasia no. 7 in D major

Fantasia no. 8 in E minor

Fantasia no. 9 in E major

Fantasia no. 10 in F# minor

Fantasia no. 11 in G major

Fantasia no. 12 in G minor


Performed on a one-keyed flute, copy of Scherer by Rod Cameron, A=392


A tour de force recording of twelve ingeniously inventive Fantasias for solo flute. Unaccompanied works were rare in the 18th century yet this encyclopedic set incorporates  a French overture, many different dances, canonic and fugal writing all for a single voice.


"as fine a piece of music making as you will ever hear...a triumph of scholarship and musicianship... Only rarely does a recording come along that is of such musical importance and is so enjoyable at the same time. I can’t recommend this too strongly”. Pan


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