Flute Sonatas

Volume 2

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Volume 2 also contains six wonderful sonatas, equally worthy of attention.

The two B minor sonatas are a little simpler, opening with beautiful, simple adagios. There are movements here reminiscent of the CPE Bach Hamburger

Sonata, and others with all the wit of the finales of the well-known concertos in G by Quantz and CPE Bach. The G minor, Eb and F major Sonatas are brilliant show pieces.

Sonata in B minor no. 267 QV 1: 169

Sonata in Eb major no. 348 QV 1: 54

Sonata in B minor no. 231 QV 1: 168

Sonata in G minor no. 336 QV 1: 126

Sonata in A major no. 351 QV 1: 143

Sonata in F major no. 356 QV 1 82

“matchless moments of true musical beauty”



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"truly splendid. Thank you for your dedication and unstinting effort to disseminate this wonderful music".


"If only all music was produced like this! Wonderful presentation with fold out pages, and beautiful folders".


"truly very beautiful and interesting".


"Congratulations! JJ Quantz should actually be very proud of you".